About Us

Learn about our company and who we are

Code Labs was built by consultants for consultants. With our years of experience working as consultants in system development, operations and infrastructure engineering, we believe we know what a consultant needs from a company to reach peak performance.

Code Labs is a company built on that idea since we are all working as consultants. We know we can deliver quality results because of this. We are always looking for ways to improve our company culture and share experiences and knowledge with eachother.

Delivering great results to our clients is a top priority and so is making sure our colleagues are enjoying their work and feeling that they are growing both personally and professionally.


Our consultans always deliver great value to our clients in a professional manner


Our consultants are talented and take pride in their work and craftsmanship

Team Players

We are always part of a team, both at Code Labs and on assigment


We always strive to help our clients reach their business goals in a timely fashion